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World Fulfillment’s Evolution

How it Started

Established in 1995, WF commenced operations, specializing in warehousing, pick-pack, and light assembly, catering primarily to small package shipping needs. As our business and client base expanded, we organically evolved, handling increasingly larger freight needs for our fulfillment clients.

Adapting to the Market

In response to shifts in the local fulfillment market, characterized by consolidation among larger players, WF encountered a series of client-driven events and requests. This prompted our founder, Dan Saccu, to strategically pivot the company’s focus from fulfillment toward broader freight logistics management. This transformation spurred increased investment in key team members with specialized knowledge in freight logistics, the development of robust carrier relationships and contracts, and the implementation of advanced transportation management software to streamline our operations.

Where We Are Now

By 2011, the majority of WF’s business had successfully transitioned to comprehensive freight management, resulting in the divestment of warehouse space. This allowed for even greater investment in freight logistics resources to propel our business forward. Since then, we have continued to invest in personnel and infrastructure, fostered strong carrier relationships, and embraced transportation automation software to enhance our capabilities. This commitment, combined with our client-focused relationship model, uniquely positions WF to provide optimal support to our valued partners.

Why WF?

With over two decades of experience, WF is renowned for delivering tailored logistics solutions with proven success. Our customer-centric approach thrives in meeting critical deadlines and handling unique challenges. From facilitating urgent shipments for an international retailer to orchestrating the relocation of a North American manufacturer’s plant to Asia, our expertise shines in managing complex logistics others shy away from.

Within supply chain management, we excel at providing efficient solutions. Whether it’s averting production line shutdowns by coordinating last-minute deliveries or implementing comprehensive transportation management programs, we streamline operations and increase productivity for our clients. Our comprehensive logistics services cover everything from customized freight management plans for international manufacturers to overseeing multiple complex shipments for major retailers, all while implementing cost-effective and efficient delivery strategies.

World Fulfillment’s legacy is founded on proven expertise and personalized logistics solutions that prioritize exceptional service and optimized supply chain management.

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