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International Toy Manufacturer 

An international toy manufacturer client faced a monumental task: delivering 3,500 distinct and multi-configured shipments of marketing visuals and materials to a major U.S. retailer’s entire chain. WF stepped in, offering a targeted, one-time logistics solution.

Managing over 50 incoming container and rail shipments, WF tracked, sorted, and staged the materials, adapting to last-minute changes in configurations and delivery locations. A comprehensive truck manifesting system was developed for seamless coordination with network partners, ensuring constant tracking visibility for the client.

Collaborating closely with a major network partner, WF’s team worked on-site at the origin, safeguarding the project’s success. The freight network executed flawlessly, achieving 100% on-time deliveries at all locations without any loss or damage. This strategic triumph not only showcased our efficiency but contributed to a remarkable 10% increase in product sales for our client through the major retailer.

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